21 Eylül 2008 Pazar

The Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium

The Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium is made up of component suppliers working together to accelerate the commercial production of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Consortium members cooperate to identify specifications, develop compatible technologies and deliver innovative new system solutions that make affordable plug-in hybrids possible.
The Consortium’s cooperative efforts help automakers short-cut years of research and development, to leap ahead of the competition and offer the next generation of hybrid vehicles at a price that makes sense.
In addition to providing automakers with production ready PHEV components and system designs, the Consortium works to build political support and secure new funding to help automakers build PHEV prototypes using new technology from Consortium members.
We believe hybrid technology can improve every car... like fuel injection and electronic ignition. By helping to reduce the cost of plug-in hybrid components, the Consortium can help make PHEVs more affordable.
According to a U.S. Department of Transportation survey, most people drive less than 50 miles a day and only 5% of passenger cars travel more than 100 miles a day. By designing cars for the way we drive, the next generation hybrid could drive 50 miles a day in clean all-electric mode without stopping for gas, and automatically switch to hybrid mode for extended range. Clean renewable electric fuel, generated in the US, costs just 1/4 the price of petroleum fuel, often imported from abroad. Working together we can provide automakers with the technology they need to deliver plug-in hybrids that make sense.
We invite innovators everywhere who share this vision to join us.

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